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‘ error -9937’
‘ error -9937’

‘ error -9937’

Error while importing Photos and Videos from your iPhone to your Mac

Nowadays, 90% of a person’s memorable moments are captured in their phone camera. Smartphone cameras are capable of shooting high quality images as well as videos. Latest versions of iPhones (and also flagship models by other manufacturers) can capture 4K videos at 60 fps. An average iOS user shoots around 182 pics a month. And every one of them will try to transfer their favourite pics on to their PC. No matter how expensive the iPhone is, people are gonna smash it when they find out that they cannot transfer their important stuff.

In iOS 11 and later, Apple introduced high efficiency formats for images (HEIF) and videos (HEVC) which almost doubles the amount of data that can be stored in same storage. But these formats have compatibility issues. If you want to transfer files in these formats, you must have Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra or later. Earlier versions of Photos and Mac OS lack support for these formats. If you see this error message while trying to transfer images or videos from your iPhone to earlier version of Mac OS, then your iPhone might be capturing in high efficiency formats. However there is an option on your iPhone to change the format in which it captures images and videos.

Go to, Settings > Camera > Formats. Change the ‘CAMERA CAPTURE‘ from ‘High Efficiency‘ to ‘Most Compatible‘.

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