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5 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone – 2021 Edition
5 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone – 2021 Edition

5 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone – 2021 Edition

Photo editing apps are something very common nowadays on phone. Business professionals use it to create a visual treat of their products. Online shopping businesses rely on product photos. Shooting product photos and editing them on a pc is thing of the past. A Smartphone is a one for all device. They all depend on fast and easy photo editing apps. Social media is a place where everyone express themselves or what they want to be. Photo editing apps allow countless of features and tools: Adjusting exposure, Filters, contrast, smoothening, clone, color temperature, color levels, cropping, rotate, mirror, and much more. We’ll go through some of the best photo editing app available for iPhone. Even though iPhone has a pretty decent camera, an editing app might come handy.

1. Snapseed

Perfect editing app from Google. This app is loaded with countless features for editing your photos. Exposure correction, color, sharpen and softening tools, crop, rotate, perspective correction, textures, It also allows us to add frames and texts to the images. It also has healing tool, lens blur, vignette. The healing tool is very helpful in removing blemishes. You can also adjust white balance of the photo. All these features blended into a very simple user interface.


Stylish app with awesome filters. This app comes with a bunch of film-like filters and make-up tools. There are tools for exposure, color, sharpness, cropping etc. The app has an in-built camera app which is one of the best in iOS camera apps with manual settings. This app comes free however there are in-app subscription purchases for filters.

3.  Afterlight Photo Editor

Well, this one is for the creative ones. The app features creative mixing of color ,  hue, mid-tone blues. It also allows us to add mixed color tones to your images to create a stylish effect. If you want a premium photo editing app on your iPhone, you can try the Afterlight. The app is free with in-app purchases included.

4. TouchRetouch

The primary highlight of this app is removing unwanted objects from your photos. Ever came across that situation where you had to discard a photo due to some weird objects in the background. Everyone has imagined if there was a magic to remove them. Yes, TouchRetouch is magic. This app allows us do this so easily.

5. Adobe Lightroom

Professional style editing just like the Lightroom on a computer fused into a simple user interface.

The app covers all the basic editing areas- exposure, contrast, saturation, detail etc as well as allows you deeper control over color and tone. The app also has one-touch presets for quick editing your images. Those who have used Lightroom on a computer will feel like home. The app features Adobe Creative Cloud which syncs your edits between iPhone, iPad, computer, and web

Also checkout our EXIF Viewer by Fluntro Photography App

When you take a photo it stores EXIF Metadata like ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, location, GPS coordinates, date, altitude, and many more details along with it on your phone. So how can one access all those Exif datas in a single view on your iphone? This App called ‘Exif Viewer by Fluntro’ can display all your photos exif details on your phone. It is the most loved app by professional photographers. So, try to learn a lot about your photos hidden details through this app.


Appstore link of paid Full version :-

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