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10 Best Apps for Capturing RAW Photos on iPhone
10 Best Apps for Capturing RAW Photos on iPhone

10 Best Apps for Capturing RAW Photos on iPhone

A lot can be done with Metadata. And a RAW image, has a lot of it. You can process it to your taste, and create a photo that’s worth sharing.

What is a RAW image? It’s an image file that contains all the image-data captured by a camera sensor, along with all the associated metadata. How to capture RAW images on your iPhone? If your iPhone offers RAW support, you can use the following third-party apps to capture RAW images on it:-

1. Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

It’s a free and powerful photo editor and camera app, with which you can capture professional quality images. It’s simple to use, and allows you to retouch full resolution photos, apply photo filters and edit photos. Lightroom for mobile supports JPEG, PNG and Adobe DNG image formats.

You can download ‘Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor’ from

2. Camera M

It’s a powerful, professional camera app, with manual controls similar to a DSLR camera. It’s designed to capture high quality images and specializes in RAW capture and Portrait depth photography. Camera M offers a wide range of features that tries make the most of iPhone’s hardware. It offers support to RAW, HEIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF image formats.

You can download ‘Camera M’ from

3. Camera+ 2

It’s one of the best and most powerful photo capturing and editing apps available on App Store. RAW mode in the app allows maximum flexibility in processing by capturing the image at full precision using the sensor. It has a curve editor to quickly adjust the tone and amount of light in your photos.

You can download ‘Camera+ 2’ from

4. Halide Camera

It’s an award-winning camera app with a beautiful UI. It has a wide array of features like Manual Depth Capture and intuitive gesture based interface. The app lets you use gestures to change the exposure and manual focus with a swipe. It allows you to capture images in RAW, TIFF, HEIC and JPG format.

You can download ‘Halide Camera’ from

5. Pro Camera by Moment

It’s a fast and easy to use camera app. It’s loaded with features for photographers and filmmakers. It even has premium features like Time-lapse mode and Slow Shutter mode. It allows photos to be captured in RAW and TIFF formats.

You can download ‘Pro Camera by Moment’ from

6. ProCam 7

It’s a vibrant photo editor and camera app with lots of features. It offers manual control in all photo and video modes. It supports RAW (DNG) and lossless TIFF image formats. It also has Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) with RAW support for high contrast conditions.

You can download ‘ProCam 7’ from

7. Manual

Manual is simple and straight forward. It gives you full control over exposure just like a DSLR and allows you to save your RAW photos in DNG format. You can control ISO, Shutter speed, White balance and focus etc. The app’s UI is user-friendly and so is easy to use.

You can download ‘Manual’ from


VSCO stands apart from other camera apps. It not only allows RAW shooting
with all exposure control, it has got cools filters to experiment with and you can edit your RAW photos right away and export them anywhere. VSCO is very popular among iPhone users. Another best thing about VSCO is that it is free. However, there are some in-app purchases like filters if you want more out of it.

9. MuseCam

MuseCam allows capturing RAW photo and allows complete exposure control. The app feels flexible with personalized customizations. It allows you to set custom presets, filters and camera settings. It does have an editor as well. The app encourages and inspires potential photographers through its unique journal feature.

10. Obscura Camera

Obscura Camera boasts an easy and hazzle free shooting. Pretty much like the stock camera. It supports a specialized RAW capture mode, as well as HEIC, JPEG, Live Photo, and Depth capture modes. In addition, it has a grid overlay, flash control, and all usual manual controls. One of the app’s best features is the haptics and gesture control that makes the app feel great to use too. The gestures can also be personalized to your tastes.

The flexibility that RAW images offer during post processing, is enough of a reason to download, and use, these apps. Work on your editing skills, and you can be sure to produce some top-class professional pictures. All the very best.

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